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Jacksonville, Oregon

Biodynamic Winery & Farm

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A certified Biodynamic winery and farm, Cowhorn Vineyard & Garden is nestled in the fertile Applegate Valley of southern Oregon, just a few miles north of the California border. Cowhorn’s nature-focused farming and harmony with the ecosystem as a whole provides a site-specific wine that represents a sense of time and place. Vinified using a low intervention approach, the result is an unmistakable wine that reflects the healthy, nutrient rich vineyard from which it comes.

Our Biodynamic, nature-focused approach contributes to the many dimensions of richness and complexity in our wines.

Sketch of Cowhorn Vineyard & Garden's biodynamic farmland


Dramatic landscape views, exceptional flavor, and deep commitment to regenerative agriculture, Cowhorn goes beyond the grape to create both distinct biodynamic wines and unforgettable experiences.

Drink in more than just the wine...

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With unparalleled views, a bountiful garden, and a deep commitment to regenerative agriculture, Cowhorn goes beyond the grapes to create both unique wine and an unforgettable experience.

OUR Polyculture

While most vineyards and wineries operate as a monoculture, by definition singular and without relationships, Cowhorn Vineyard & Garden operates as a polyculture, approaching the vineyard as one part of a much larger ecosystem. It is a farm guided by nature, inspired by both biodynamics and permaculture, where animals, gardens and vineyards coexist.

Biodynamic Winemaking

Our approach to winemaking begins in the vineyard. Like our farm, our winery is Demeter-certified Biodynamic®. We strive to create the finest wines possible with the least amount of intervention, chemicals, additives, or ingredients. Our goal is to allow the grapes to develop into the purest wine possible, letting the essential flavors of the vineyard be expressed most clearly.

The Biodynamic Wine Club

As the Cowhorn community continues to grow, the space in our biodynamic wine club is limited. Enroll in the exclusive club today to receive a first taste of our most limited releases, VIP access to exclusive events, and a discount on all your wine purchases.

Sustainability is in our DNA

Cowhorn Vineyard and Garden is a Petal Certified Building under the Living Building Challenge 2.1. Our grounds fulfilled the performance requirements for Site, Materials, Equity, and Beauty.

“A biodynamic cult favorite among chefs from San Francisco to New York.”

The New York Times