Cowhorn Vineyards

The streets of Mexico

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Cowhorn 2017 Reserve Viognier, 91 Points, $50 SOLD OUT

Both this reserve and the winery’s regular 2017 Viognier are interesting, well-made wines, but for different reasons. Here the fruit seems to have been riper, and the flavors are full and round, with a mix of pineapple, peach and apple. The regular bottling leans more to the herbal, botanical side of the grape. Both work well.

Cowhorn 2017 Viognier, 91 Points, $35 SOLD OUT

Wonderfully aromatic, this beguiles from the get-go with well-woven scents of honeysuckle and lavender. It’s firm rather than flowery on the palate, focused on steely flavors of mixed herbs and botanicals, and finishing with a burst of orange crush.